flutter stop

by Laura Cetilia

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flutter stop 25:58


Non-Event at Home - Program 11

"this is a piece i composed and performed in april 2019 for the organ at wesleyan university. an unusual feature of this particular organ is that it can be controlled via midi, giving a composer limitless options in how to approach almost every facet of the instrument. in an attempt to avoid this powerful tool always being at full volume, I decided to send a rapid succession of impulses from my computer to the organ, causing an unusual fluttering effect. this allowed me to explore a more extreme dynamic range of the instrument as the piece moves through the various voicings. harmonically, i emulate a glissando by overlapping major and minor seventh chords that slowly descend down the keyboards. as the pitch inches down the full range of the instrument an occasional ascending melody soars over the vibrating chords.

many thanks to ronald ebrecht and j.p.a. falzone for their guidance around the instrument and luke damrosch for mastering the recording." - Laura Cetilia

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released April 28, 2020

Mastered by Luke Damrosch


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Non-Event Boston, Massachusetts

Non-Event is a Boston-based concert series devoted to the presentation of experimental, abstract, improvised, and adventurous music from New England and around the world.

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